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About Us


Welcome to Your Safe Place Foundation, where compassion meets action in our mission to support survivors of Your Safe Place - A San Diego Family Justice Center. Your Safe Place provides confidential and comprehensive services to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual assault or sex trafficking. The mission of our foundation is to provide financial support for critical services. We seek to create an environment at Your Safe Place that provides survivors and their families access to free services such as: health care, mental health counseling, legal services (for restraining orders and immigration) child watch, clothing, employment assistance, relocation assistance, and much more.

 We are a dedicated all-volunteer board of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, united by our commitment to provide a safe haven and essential resources to those in need. If you're here, it's because we are hoping that you will join us to create a community where survivors find solace, support, and strength to rebuild their lives.

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100% of every Donation goes to a survivor in need

Our Foundation mandates that our Board Members ensure the Foundation is self-sustaining, meaning that our all-volunteer board members provide the necessary funding for the Foundation to operate and provide appropriate stewardship of the funds received through donations. 

Our mandate means that 100% of funds raised by the Foundation from community members, businesses and grants go directly to survivors and their families so that nobody who asks is turned away for lack of resources. 

Meet The Team

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